The "Flower of Life" is a widely used and deeply fascinating symbol with historical roots stretching back into antiquity. Until now, however, accurate information and serious discussion about the geometric figure has been difficult to find in one place. Frustratingly, the main source of information on the topic has been the works of a certain controversial New Age author, which are far from ideal as sources for serious scholarship. The lack of a well-compiled and well-written survey of the topic has been keenly felt.

Marko Manninen's book redresses this imbalance. This concise yet wonderfully comprehensive monograph is therefore a very welcome addition to the esoteric literature. It approaches the topic afresh, with a clean slate. Refreshingly there is no attempt here to impose any interpretation or agenda on the material. Instead, it simply offers a clear, complete survey of the Flower of Life: the geometry, its origins, and history. Such a survey is long overdue.

Marko brings to this project a combination of rare talents. He is a long-term student of esoteric lore with very wide reading, he has a keen eye for detail, and he is a highly skilled programmer. The book that he has written, and its predecessor, reflect these qualities. The materials are laid out and presented with impeccable clarity. The data has been assembled with an admirable thoroughness, and is fully referenced with many useful citations to other publications. It is comprehensive, yet compact. The result is a catalogue survey of the topic which is brimming with detail but is also a pleasure to read. There will be many readers I am sure who will be very grateful to Marko Manninen for providing this engaging and well-compiled account of the remarkable figure known as the "Flower of Life".

Simon Miles
Researcher and Writer