I want to express my special thanks and deep gratitude to Minna Haataja for her invaluable time spent with proofreading and editing this book. Countless sentences are now much clearer and easier to understand than they would have been, if they were written solely by my own hands. I also want to acknowledge Maaria Kuukorento, who has been my second eyes and ears on many important trips and giving necessary cheering all along the way of writing this book. Spending hours after hours on museums and archaeological sites would have taken at least double time without her help. Finally warm thanks to everyone contributing to this work which would have been too overwhelming, or should I better say impossible to do just by myself.

About pictures

I have published all my own photos and illustrations with the Creative Commons license1. I believe that is the best way to keep creative work and research hassle free and to be able to be enjoyed by everyone. The pictures and the figures below that have no copyright notice are my own and they are free to be used with a mention © Marko Manninen accompanied by a reference to the original work.

Thumbnail pictures on Appendix 2 refer and are linked to the original sources via my previous study Artifacts of the Flower of Life, where their credits and copyright notices are given by more suitable way.

Full page pictures presenting the Flower of Life pattern starting Part 1 (page 10) and the Cownose starting Part 2 (page 40), are my own work. The frontpage picture is from the article Folkkonsten i Finland by K. K. Meinander published on a book Nordisk kultur page 392 in 1931.