This is my second book that intends to discover the history of the Flower of Life symbol. Now my main focus is on the interpretation of the symbol and on meanings attached to it throughout the history, starting from the Near East Bronze Age1 until our days.

The reader is expected to be familiar with basics of the Flower of Life geometry2. Elementary knowledge of the ancient Near East history and history of mathematics is helpful. Knowledge of visual arts, geometry, and comparative religion studies are also useful.

I hope that my independent research provides valuable resources for people to further investigate the topic.

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Title Creative Power of the Flower of Life
Author Marko Manninen
Pages 108 (PDF)
Description Complementary material to the Artifacts of the Flower of Life research document
Keywords flower of life, six-petal rosette, six-spoked wheel, rosette symbolism, apsamikku, concave square, square root of 3, square root of 2, intersecting circles, overlapping circles, hexagon, hexagram, equilateral triangle, rhombus, lozenge, vesica piscis, fleur-de-lis, lily symbolism, tree of life, menorah history, sacred geometry, ancient mathematics, hittite sun disc
Language English
Published Published 07/27/2016 as an electronic book
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